Today we are launching our online community to the public.

We have spent over a year to develop this website to ensure that we can offer the very best online community tools to service based communities.

TimeKeeper Online Community Bank

Here is a short list of some of the features that are currently live and working on the site!

Avatars and Cover Images

Customizable Profiles

Profile Settings

Profile Likes

Web Responsive Designs

Privacy Settings


Activity Posts


Pinned Post

Hover Cards (desktop)


30 Types of Email and Onsite Notifications

Member Listings

GDPR Support

Groups for Community Admins – Open,Closed,Secret

Group Invites

Photos & Albums

Audio & Video

Real Time Chat

Group Chat


Mutual Friends

Up and coming Birthdays

All media is hosted securely on AWS

A ton of other amazing features that I can’t think of right off the top of my head.

We love TimeBanks but we also understand that volunteering isn’t enough.

A bad economy means less volunteers and less #volunteers means that service based organizations such as Food Banks will have less members involved in their mission.

Our mobile apps and Admin Panel enable service based communities to award video chat credits ( hours ) to their members when they participate in activities and social projects.

Video chatting with members of our online community is a great way to make friends, exchange services and to stay safe during this Covid-19 crisis.

Our app does support in person meetings however due to Covid-19 the power of video timebanking can take your service based community to a whole new level.

Here is a link to schedule a demo with me –>

Join us in fellowship by downloading the TimeKeeper Bank mobile app or register your service based community organization and move past traditional volunteering and start building your online community on TimeKeeper.

About the author: Keith Hupp

Keith truly believes everyone,
regardless of economic status, should be able to store social capital and gain access to
resources. His mobile app connects people with their local communities to allow the free
exchange of services, as a remedy to the challenges we face in our current struggling economy

Get involved!

TimeKeeper Bank is a mobile app for service-oriented community groups to track and exchange services using time as a currency.
Download TimeKeeper Bank to get started!


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