TimeKeeper Groups

Group Types

Community Admins can create open, closed and secret groups.

Groups are important for staying connected to your members!

Members can discover open and closed groups on TimeKeeper.

Open and closed groups are great for activities and social projects.

Secret groups are invite only groups and will not be discoverable when members search.

Secret groups are perfect for invite only groups.

There are no limits on how many members you can invite to your groups!

Group Privacy Settings


Groups come with their own set of notifications regarding posts and user actions like invitations.

Notification Settings

Group Categories

Assign groups to specific categories. 


Pinned Posts

Pinned posts within groups 

Pinned Post

Group User Roles

Group Owner, Manager, Moderator and Member roles.

You can change a member’s role in the management tab after they have joined your group.

Please note that there can only be one group owner.

Manage Group Roles

Photos and Albums

Create Photos and Photo Albums in Groups.

Audio & Video

You can share videos in groups and upload your own. 

Video Posts

Post Types

Post types you can use in your groups and profile stream to enhance communication with your members on TimeKeeper.

Create Poll

Polls enable your community to quickly vote on different topics and it is excellent for quickly gathering feedback from your members!

Create Poll

You can allow multiple options or just allow one vote per person. 

Posted Poll

You can also share content from your group on your own stream or on other social networks.

Please keep in mind all group posts are private and not indexed by google or other search engines.

New users will have to sign up in the TimeKeeper app before they can log into the online community, complete their profile and then join your group.