Video Timebanking

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I’m so proud of our team and this huge accomplishment!

On October 19, 2020 we released a video timebanking feature and a ton of members have been very impressed with the video quality of the calls!

The actual UI looks just a little different but ultimately this is what the final feature will look like when the button UI is changed out for our final designs.

When both the caller and receiver are on the same messaging screen or Trade Request screen. The video feature works 99% of the time.

We are still developing some optimizations to make the video chatting feature even better by enabling video chatting on any screen even if the TimeKeeper app is not running in the background on your device.

So you don’t miss any important video calls. It is very important for us to get this done to support devices with 5G connectivity to keep up with modernization.

If you are an iOS app user don’t worry we still plan on supporting video chatting in the iOS app but need more support from our members and communities to make that happen.

Try the video chatting feature for yourself by making sure you have the latest version of the “TimeKeeper Bank” app or at least version 2.0.3 or higher.
You can check your version number in the “More” section of the app.

We have added the video chat feature in two sections of the mobile app.


You can video chat with anyone who accepts your friend request. After your friend has accepted the request go to the messages section and select your friends name to begin the conversation.

There are other alternatives like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp.

I’m hoping many of you will make the choice to support TimeKeeper as your preferred video chatting platform.

Trade Request

Another great way to get the full use out of our video chat feature is in the Trade Request section of the application.

In the Trade Request section when you both check into the meeting to begin exchanging time with one another a new video calling icon is now available in the upper right corner of the screen.

After the Trade Request duration the call will automatically be ended and you will have an opportunity to write a review about your experience with the other member you just exchanged time with.